‘Guess my Emotions’ Activity


Guess my Emotions

This is another one of our resources created by the lovely Fatemah at Amanati. This activity has been chosen from the award winning bestseller called ‘Science is…’ by Susan V. Bosak.

People are capable of feeling and displaying a wide range of emotions 
This activity is a great way to begin to discuss emotions with your children which in turn will help them to start recognising and understanding different emotions. 

Building a good understanding of emotions when you are young helps you relate to others and regulate your own emotions throughout life.

Materials required:



1. Download the worksheet provided via link in our bio or pick up an A4 piece of paper.
2. Cut the squares out or make your own emotion image!
3. Fold the squares and jumble them up.
4. Each person to choose an emotion and to act it out for the person next to you.
5. Ask the person next to you to guess what you are feeling.
6. Discuss each other’s emotions and differences for extension activity.

Send in your pictures and let us know how you found the activity in the comments below.

Download here

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